STROJIMPORT – Machine tools, forming machines and investment units into the wide world.

Lathes, Boring machines, Milling machines, Grinding machines

About us

Dear business friends.

We have the pleasure to present you our company STROJIMPORT, Joint-Stock Company, Prague, Czech Republic and to give you a brief information about our activities.

During its more than 60 years´ existence Strojimport experienced many changes, the last of them being the successful transformation into a modern Joint-Stock Company in 1989. It is important to stress that the fundamental specialization in machine engineering remains in the center of our commercial program.

The company has succeeded in establishing a long-time tradition and goodwill in many countries, inter alia thanks to a gradually and purposefully built network of representations including firms with capital share of Strojimport and representative offices. The company attained an important position in export and import of machine tools and forming machines, demonstrating that it ranks among firms that managed to cope before and cope also today in the new market-oriented economic environment in the Czech Republic.

At present, the fundamental component of the company sales comprises export of the traditional range of machines. Our position and esteem in this field have been confirmed by Strojimport being accepted as a member of Association of Engineering Technologies (SST) that has been an ordinary member of CECIMO since 1997. In addition to our traditional commodities the export program includes also other programs like comprehensive machine works, breweries, equipment for food-processing, and chemical industries, metallurgy, construction materials and others.

Stabilized contacts with important Czech and Slovak manufacturers and suppliers represent another factors underlying high-quality operations and long-term development of the firm.

And our future ambitions? As before we wish to go on offering our partners high quality, speedy and efficient co-operation. We intend to strengthen our cross-border network focusing on further countries in Latin America and Asia and we reckon on the purposeful broadening our range of goods, nevertheless, mainly in the familiar machine engineering sectors.

Our objective is to strengthen the position of Strojimport on world markets and enhance satisfaction of you, our customers, with the products of Czech and Slovak engineering firms.