BLUESTER - thermal cutting machine with excellent dynamic properties is designed for the toughest operations.

CNC cutting machine BLUESTER

BLUESTER – thermal cutting machine with excellent dynamic properties is designed for the toughest operations. This machine is designed for processing of very large metal sheets with oxy-fuel and plasma technology, including the automatic bevel cutting. The machine is equipped with the fully automatic 3D plasma head, which is ideal for the installation of the most modern and most powerful plasma systems.

Machine specification:


CNC thermal cutting machine Bluester is widely recognised as the most technologically advanced  machine and is designed to be used in the toughest operations. This machine works on the largest formats of metal sheets by using number of oxy-fuel torches along with fully automatic bevelling. 3D plasma head is technologically designed for usage of the latest and most powerful plasma sources. This machine may be equipped with entire portfolio of additional devices.
The portal from the thick-walled profile with steel reinforcements and welded supports, which are equipped with linear leads, forms strong unit with accurate positioning. The leads are stored in the adjustable clamping plates, which enable accurate setting and provide high accuracy also for the long machine operation. The energy power supply is placed in the cable chain.

Machine portal

This is a bilaterally driven portal with supports. The motor-driven lifting device contains a protective micro-switch that prevents damaging contact between the burner and material.
Two-side driven portal is completely hard welded unit, which is moved on the ground rails by means of racks and pinions. On the top of the portal is double profiled linear leads and the track provides very accurate movement of the supports. This way of the placing is used by the laser machines also and thanks to his is possible to reach smaller positioning accuracy then ±0,2 mm. The system of the end and reference switches ensures exact keeping of the portal squareness and exact repeated positioning to the shapes after machine switch-off.
For the fixation of the power cable and gas hoses are used cable chains placed in the safety plate which prolongs theirs longer lifetime.


Plasma rest is equipped with the pneumatic torch protection against the collision with the material and with THC unit – height control.
By the oxy-fuel cutting rests is the height controlled with the IHT unit (option). This control unit controls the right height for the flame with digital evaluation of the signals with the independent programmable processor and with system of the fast preheating HI-LOW.
The linear leads of the rests are placed in the protective bag.

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