MIRON Laser - CNC cutting machine is an accurate and compact machine with a simple construction. Thanks to the open access, it can process larger or non-standard metal sheets.

CNC Cutting machine

MIRON Laser – CNC cutting machine is an accurate and compact machine with a simple construction. Thanks to the open access, it can process larger or non-standard metal sheets. The focused laser beam allows fast and precise cutting, even of highly complex shapes. This deviceallows cutting with compressed air, which greatly reduces not only the cutting costs, but also provides additional benefits for cutting of aluminium, and stainless as well as structural steel. This machine can be armed with each technology: laser, plasma or oxyfuel. This means that it is delivered as MiroCut, MironLaser and Miron with plasma or oxy-fuel technology.

The machine can be delivered as part of the complete delivery of the burning workplace, i.e. including the plasma source and the consuming parts for plasma cutting, the compressor for the supply of air, including its treatment and filter equipment for the exhaustion of burnt gases originated during the thermal division of materials.

Technical solution:

  1. Two linear guiding for one-sided drive of the longitudinal travel – easy side access to the table
  2. Small construction length and width compared with the portal construction
  3. Simple control
  4. Two linear lines on the machine portal
  5. Linear line of the torch lift
  6. Rigid construction of the side of the route

Standard equipment:

  • Colour touch display for user comfort
  • 10,1” panel with technological keyboard
  • Motors with constant torgue moment – high quality cutouts
  • Thickness of cutt material 100 mm
  • Set of macros – simplification of operator work
  • USB connector – easy data transfer
  • Minimizing of unproductive time during operation
  • High-performance, operation-stable, user friendly CNC system
  • B&R control system
  • Flexible energy chain in axis X
  • Transfer of flame-cutting data via LAN network
  • Precise control of the height of the plasma torch
  • Pneumatic-electric setting of the ignition height of the plasma torch

Optional equipment:

  • Laser sensor for setting the initial value of the position of the torch
  • IHT height control
  • CAD/CAM software for preparation of flame-cutting data

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