KOMPAKT Light, compared to the KOMPAKT, has a simpler desing. However, it can easily process the most common formats of metal sheets (up to 30 mm thick).

Thermal cutting machine KOMPAKT LIGHT

The CNC thermal cutting machine KOMPAKT Light, has a simpler design in comparison to the KOMPAKT machine. However, it can easily process the most common formats of metal sheets (up to 30 mm thick). The KOMPAKT Light machine is designed foruse of standard air plasma systems. CNC Kompakt Light represents sophisticated solution of thermal cutting machine with simple installation and handling at customer. The construction of this machine allows easy processing regular sizes of metal sheets and fully meets the criteria on small, but efficient workplace. The machine is designed for use of medium-performance plasma sources. It is also possible to equip this machine with another optional device, which you can find in our catalogue together with the list of its standard equipment.

Technical solution:

  • series of machine sizes for processing the most common metal sheet formats
  • rigid construction of the exhausted material table with an integrated travel path for the portal technology carrier
  • profile linear guiding on all axes
  • double-sided longitudinal travel path
  • 10,4” touch panel with integrated computer
  • precise control of the ignition and the working height of the torch
  • high accuracy of the positioning also after longterm operations
  • Thickness of cutt material 30 mm – plasma (50 mm – oxy-fuel)
  • good dynamic properties of the machine
  • high-performance, stable, userfriendly CNC system B&R

The machine can be delivered as a part of the whole cutting workplace, i. e. including the plasma source and the consuming parts, CAD/CAM software, the compressor for the air supply, including air treatment, filter equipment for the exhaustion of burnt gases generated during the thermal cutting of materials.

Standard equipmet:

  • double-sided portal drive
  • flexible energy chains
  • transfer of cutting plans by USB, LAN network
  • exact height control of the plasma torches
  • pneumatic-electrical adjustment for the ignition height

Optional equipment:

  • marking unit – plasma marking
  • marking unit – micro-punching
  • marking unit – drawing needle
  • drilling unit
  • unit for contact height control of the plasma torch

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