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Gear hobbing machines ofa 32 cnc 6
Gear shaping machines oha 50 cnc 5

Hobbing cutters (gear cutting machines) are used to produce gears with straight and slanted teeth, chain gears, radially machined worm gears, fluted spindles, etc. Gear shapers are intended for gear manufacture by hobbing. The machine can be used to hob gears with straight, slanted, internal and external teeth, teethed segments, etc.

Gears are an integral part of the power transmission system as they are used for transferring toque or power from prime mover to the location where it is needed or will be used. Besides that, gears are also involved in transferring the accurate veracity ratio between two shafts. Velocity ratio is the ratio of revolution per minute (rpm) of driven shaft to the revolution per minute of driver shaft.

Gear cutting machines are used to make chain gears, gears with straight and slanted teeth, fluted spindles and radially machined worm gears among others, through processes such as hobbing and shaping.

Gear hobbing machines are used to generate gears by rolling a gear blank with a rotating cutter known as hob. The multipoint cutting tool or the gear hob is normally rotated at a suitable revolution per minute and at the same time fed to the gear blank. The rpm of both the gear hob and gear blank are synchronized in such a way that for each gear hob’s revolution, the gear blank rotates by a distance that is equal to one pitch distance of the gear to be cut. Gear hobbing method produces gears such as spur gear, splines, gear sprockets, hearing-bone and helical among others.

Gear shaping machines are used to cut the teeth of both internal and external gears. The machine cutting tool is usually gear shaped and has the same pitch as that of the gear to be cut. For internal gears, the number of cutting teeth on the gear shaper must be less than that of the gear to be cut. For external gears, however, the number of cutting teeth on the gear cutter is only limited by the shaping machine’s size.

Gear cutting machines come in a variety of types depending on their cutting speed, indexing motion and depth of cut. Some of them include ofa-32-cnc-6, ofa-75-cnc-6, ofa-100-cnc-6 and oha-50-cnc for gear shaping machines.