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SP 430 SY
MULTICUT 500-open

Tools for cutting (lathing) of metals and other materials.

Lathes can be used to lathe and drill cylindrical, conical and other surface shapes, to cut threads, to mill ends, drill and bore openings, etc. Lathes are controlled either manually or with an NC or CNC system, or are multi-purpose milling centres.

The lathe is a multi-purpose equipment which is used for a range of functions such as shaping solid materials, e.g. metal. Lathes consist of components such as a tailstock, tool rest and headstock. The material to be lathed in placed in between the tailstock and the headstock. The material is then turned and curved to develop different shapes by controlling the shaping tool. Lathes are also used to cut threads, drill different shapes (conical, cylindrical, etc.), mill ends, and drill and bore openings among many other functions. Lathes can be controlled either manually or with a CNC or NC system.

Lathes are important workshop tools which are used in many industrial segments, especially the metal shaping industries. These tools provide the skill needed for any business that works with metal surfaces to excel. A lathe can be used to make both simple and complex shapes by controlling the shaping device. These days there are different types of lathing machines available in the market. Strojimport, is one of the leading companies in the supply of quality lathing machines among other tools. Our goal is to keep our clients satisfied by providing quality and durable products.


We will not only supply quality, but also give you the chance to choose from a vast range of lathing machines. We have the best and up to date machinery. You can find different types of lathes here such as the CNC lathes, universal center lathes, vertical turning lathes and tuning-milling centers. All these are chosen so that industries can have a range of machinery to choose from depending on their needs. We make sure that all the machines are of good quality and that they are the latest products in the market.

Strojimport, is the best company to go to when you need a lathing machine. Our satisfied customers are proof of the type of services and products we supply. We have been in the machinery business for more than 60 years. In this period, we have acquired enough knowledge to know which lathing machines are best. You can trust us to supply you with quality goods that have been carefully selected. If you have any issues during your selection feel welcome to contact any of our esteemed employees. We will be more than happy to help you choose the lathing machine that is best suited for your company. Trust Strojimport to offer you the best lathing machine that will help grow your business to greater heights.