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Choosing press machines from STROJIMPORT

Press machines come in various models and types. Each serves various purposes and is utilized in different sectors. At STROJIMPORT you will find all sorts of press machines. We can be your one stop shop for press machines, and just as we have served countless clients in the past years, we can offer you our expert assistance and high quality machines too. We can guarantee that you will not regret choosing us.

Our press machines include the Hydraulic press, the Eccentric press, the Universal press and Forging presses, among others. We also have a wide range of other machines, including shaping machines, grinding machines, lathes, drilling machines and milling machines, to name just a few.

Press machines are undoubtedly some of the most popular types of machines as they can be utilized for several uses. Cold pressing is used in several sectors, and other related tasks such as cutting, bending, and riveting can also be carried out.

We have a range of pressing machines so as to suit varying clients’ needs. The Universal press for instance, comes in five different models, each with different pressure forces. There are also five models of eccentric press machines to choose from.

Another popular press machine is the Hydraulic press. This specific machine comes in various different models as clients’ requirements will vary significantly when it comes to choosing this kind of machine. We also stock several types of Forging presses as well.


Should you be interested in any one of our press machines, do not hesitate to inquire about them through our site or by calling us at any one of our outlets. Our experienced sales assistants are waiting to assist you by providing their insightful suggestions and recommendations, while helping you to choose the press machine that will best suit your specific requirements. We can guarantee that we have the right press machine for you at a very competitive price.