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typ LEN 10 C LEN 25 C LEN 40 C LEN 63 C LEXN 100 C
Nominal press force (kN) 100 250 400 630 1000
Adjustability of stroke (mm) 6 ÷ 65 8 ÷ 85 8 ÷ 95 10 ÷ 105 10 ÷ 125
Ram surface (mm) 280 x 180 355 x 220 400 x 250 450 x 280 560 x 360
Table surface (mm) 450 x 320 560 x 450 660 x 530 800 x 630 1000 x 640
Grip (mm) 225 265 295 335 380
Total power input – main drive (kW) 1,8 / 3,6 2,5 / 5 3,5 / 7 3,5 / 7 5,6 / 11
Eccentric press

Buying an Eccentric Press from STROJIMPORT

The Eccentric Press is another type of pressing machine that is required for various uses. Since we understand the important that one choose a high quality machine, we always strive to stock the latest machines from reputable brands. That is one of the main reasons why STROJIMPORT ranks among the top sellers in this field.

What makes our range of Eccentric Press machines one of the best?

First of all we offer our clients different types of Eccentric Press machines to choose from. The models that we offer include the LEN 10 C, LEN 25 C, LEN 40 C, LEN 63 C, and the LEXN 100 C. The nominal press force of each of these machines differs, ranging from 100 to 1000Kn. Likewise, they have different grips, and the Ram and Table surfaces vary as well. Our sales persons will be able to offer you their expert advice on the type of eccentric press that will best suit your specific needs.

Our eccentric press machines come with simple but very powerful controls. The monitoring information can thus be simplified for the person who will be operating the machine. Our machines are also renowned for their smooth operations and low vibrations.

All of our machines are manufactured following strict rules and rigorous testing before being placed on the market. This is because we want to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with their purchase, not only in terms of having bought the machine at a good price, but also when using it. Delivering optimum performance, and outstanding accuracy are our main objectives. Each part of the press is checked not only during assembly, but also after the machine has been delivered to the client’s premises, so as to guarantee a perfect fit and optimum performance for all of the client’s requirements. Choosing STROJIMPORT for all your machine requirements is a guarantee that you will never go wrong.