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typ ZHW 6 ZHW 10 ZHW 16 ZHW 25 ZHW 40
Pressure Force (kN) 60 100 160 250 400
Output (kW) 1,5 3 4 5,5 11
Ram stroke (mm) 160 200 200 250 250
Ram surface (mm) 180×250 200×280 200×280 250×350 250×470
Throat (Gap) (mm) 160 200 200 250 315























Universal press

If you are looking for a specific type of machine which can be used in some commercial programs, then there is an avenue where you can possibly find it. Though there are lots of physical stores where you can find any sorts of engineering machines in your locality, it is still important to look for some other sources that can give you a best offer. Looking for an ideal store through online would help you in catering all your needs and wants with regards to this matter.
As part of an everyday life of every individual, it is very essential to provide these machines into some specific purposes. Universal press machines are needed for more convenience and for an efficient work. So, any machinery and equipment performs a very important role in any commercial program. If you want to find the most useful machine for your purpose, then you might consider our store – Strojimpor. We can provide you the privilege to explore all the products and services being offered by the company.
Strojimport – One of the Providers for Universal Press Machines
As what being mentioned a while ago, one of the providers of the Universal Press machines is the Strojimport. This company can provide you with all the different types of machines that you needed. Probably, what you are looking for can be found in our store. So, it would be better if you will try to visit our page. Actually, universal press may come in several types and these are the following:

· Ram stroke
· Throat (gap)
· Ram surface
· Pressure force
· Output

With all these types of machines, you can possibly look if which machine is suitable for your preference. Choose a press machine that is more useful for your commercial programs. In addition to that, you can choose any press machines according to its weight and sizes.