MCV1000 Rapid / Sprint / Speed / Power

MCV 1000 -  is vertical 3-5 axes machining centre which with help of highspeed spindle and high rapid traverse guaranteed highly efficient machining.

Vertical 3-5 axis machining center MCV 1000

MCV 1000 – is vertical 3-5 axes machining center which with help of highspeed spindle and high rapid traverse guaranteed highly efficient machining.
High dynamics of linear axes allows highspeed machining of molds.
Supporting frame have excellent rigidity which allow heavy duty machining and very precise machining (even of complicated workpieces).
Accuracy is ensured by the -, Y-, Z-axis linear and roller guides.

Vertical 3-axes machining center MCV 1000 is designed for accurate and high speed machining of general shaped surfaces and drilling, boring, reaming, thread cutting and  milling of bigger and more intricate parts. ATC (automatic tool changer) enables working in automatic cycle. A cross table and headstock travels can be used simultaneously. Options using, enables parts to be machined from four sides, in addition, it enables helix machining and use of effective cooling with a cooling through spindle.

Characteristic machine design features:

  • movable machine parts (slides, table and headstock) seats on a roller linear guideways
  • spindle unit imposed on precision angular contact bearings
  • digital AC drives Heidenhain driving spindle and axes X, Y, Z
  • positioning by linear scales
  • tools center clamping
  • control system iTNC 530 HEIDENHAIN HSCI

Machine working ambient:

The machine is designed to work in a normal workshop ambient, without influence of aggressive fumes and dust particles. The temperature should be kept in a range from +5° to 40°C, average temperature must not exceed 35° C by max. air humidity of 70%. The machine accuracy is guaranteed at working environment temperature 20 +/-2°C.

In case of machining non-standard materials (e.g. graphite, ceramics, wood, non-ferrous metals) the KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s. reserves right to discuss the way of chips removing from working space (vapor exhausting, cooling liquid filtration, floating chips separation and others technical and technological conditions as well).

Standard accessories:

  • electric equipment 3x 400 v/50Hz
  • CNC control system HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 HSCI
  • digital AC drives HEIDENHAIN for axis X, Y, Z
  • linear scales in axes X, Y, Z
  • cooling unit for external cooling
  • centric tool clamping
  • automatic lubrication of moveable parts
  • electronic hand wheel
  • ETHERNET card
  • accompanying documentations to sub-deliveries (English version only available)
  • thermal compensation
  • tool kit
  • accompanying documentation (note – manual from control system on CD)
  • re-cooling of the spindle
  • chip conveyor
  • tool magazine with mechanical arm