About us

Strojimport a.s. ranks among top exporters of Czech and Slovak machine tools and forming machines and has contributed significantly to high-prestige reputation of Czech and Slovak machine brands throughout the world. The company has been active in this field continuously since 1953 and within this period has built a good business name for a solid and stable partner and an expert with long-term and rich experience and know-how in foreign trade operations.

Machines delivered by Strojimport through its extensive foreign representative network can be found all around the world. In Europe, subsidiaries run very well in the markets of Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania, not only because of advanced technical level and quality of machines, but also thanks to complete range of commercial, financial and advisory services provided. In the optics of sales volume also other European countries do not stay behind, especially Poland with the Wroclaw-based branch Strojimport office, Serbia with agent headquarters in Belgrade operating in the market of former Yugoslavia and others where our contract representatives work. However, export activity is not limited by Europe only. Strojimport covers almost all the markets of Latin America – Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, as well as markets of the Arab world and Asian markets, especially India, Thailand, Indonesia, and China, we are strong also in Algeria, Australia, New Zealand and many others.

In addition to machine export/import, Strojimport specializes also in other commodities and trading activities. In this scope we mainly export raw materials (sheet metal, steel, pipes, bars, non-ferrous metals, refractories, plastic granulates, etc.), investment units, production lines or we import machines, equipment and spare parts for machines originally imported by Strojimport in the past. Last but not least we are ready to provide complete overhauls and modernization of older machines.