Overhaul of WH10 NC machine for New Zealand

In April 2020 we despatched an overhauled WH10NC horizontal boring machine from the gates of RETOS Varnsdorf, for our customer in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a TOS Varnsdorf design machine, originally designed for universal use in engineering production, suitable for both roughing and finishing operations. After the recondition and upgrade, the borer reaches technical parameters comparable to a brand new one. As a part of the work performed, nearly all mechanical and electrical components of the machine were replaced or modernized, all the surfaces and guideways were treated, complete new headstock was installed as well as new control system and table optics. This was already second borer of the same type that was overhauled by RETOS for our New Zealand client. The only difference is that last time an older domestic machine frame was used for the reconstruction, while this time the old machine was sent for repair directly from Auckland, NZ. This business proves that STROJIMPORT has long-term contacts and regular customers even on the opposite side of the Earth. And even in this distant region, many reference machines of the Czechoslovak origin are still in operation and the TOS brand is well-known and has excellent reputation in engineering industry.