MULTICUT 630i - the multitasking milling-turning center combine the features of turning and milling machines in a single universal machine which has capability to machine complex parts using more technologies

Multi-operational turning–milling center MULTICUT 630i MULTI-VARIANT

MULTICUT 630i – is powerful multitasking milling-turning center susceptible to combine turning, milling and boring in a single machine within one clamping so maximal increasing of productivity of wokrpiece machining can be reached.

Suitable combination of synchronized movements of work and tool spindle satisfies all technological requirements of turning, threading recessing, drilling, boring, milling, cam milling, gear generating, grinding and measuring incl. possibility to machine slim shafts by means of supporting of a steady rest.

The machines MULTICUT are produced in the 5-axis execution, which bears also possibility of machining out of axis and 5-axis milling.

Variant MULTICUT 630/1500 S is equipped with counter-spindle and allows complex machining from both sides with single clamping and with automatic workpiece taking-over by the subspindle. The workpiece spindles are driven by belt drive driven by asynchronous motor with two speed gear box. Tool spindle and B-axis driven by integrated torque motors (motor spindles) cooled by water. Both, main spindle and subspindle, are equipped withl C-axis.

The machines are equipped with high density chain tool magazine for fixed and driven tools with taper HSK-T63. All linear guideways are rolling and preloaded. Design of the machine is drawn with maximal respect to good ergonometric characteristics of the machine.

Excellent combination of performance and accuracy is guaranteed with experience and design concept of respective machine groups.

Multitasking milling-turning center – working ambient

The multitasking milling-turning center – working ambient MULTICUT 630 in standard execution is designed to work in a normal workshop ambient, without influence of aggressive fumes and dust particles. The temperature should be kept in a range from +15° to +35°C, average temperature must not exceed 35°C by max. air humidity of 80%, absolute air humidity 15g/m3. Machine tool accuracy according to “Accuracy test report” could be reached when ambient temperature 20 ±2°C. The machine satisfies condition of maximal acoustic supply level 99dB (A) and level of noise by operator 80dB (A). Machine construction corresponds with valid safety instructions.

The Machine conforms to “CE”.

Machine version:

  • S – version with the subspindle
  • T – version with the tailstock