MCG 810

The centre enables milling in five axes, namely in three mutually perpendicular coordinate axes X, Y, Z, in the rotary C-axis – a rotary tilting table with built-in torque motor enabling turning operations, and in the tilting B-axis - a rotary tilting table with built-in torque motors.

Multifunctional machining centre MCG 810i (3- to 5-axis solution)

The MCG 810 is a highly productive machine with a wide range of utilization when machining complicated spatial shapes in three or five axes.

Because of the high dynamics, very high inflexibility and damping properties of the construction, the machine enables the use of HSC technology.
The machines of upper gantry type have spindle placed in motor spindle unit built-in the ram. All the movements of the machine are done by means of linear guide ways with rolling elements. Measuring of position in X, Y, Z axes is done directly by absolute measuring units.

This vertical machining centre is a highly productive machine designed primarily for the production of moulds in the press, plastic, automotive and aerospace industries. Due to its design, it is suitable for machining of complex precise spatial shapes in both three-axis and five-axis machining. Typical products are moulds for the production of pressing and forming tools, dies for forging or moulds for injection of plastic materials, various equipment for forming plastic and rubber, and other machine products with complex shapes. A large scope for of the machine utilization also lies in the sphere of tool engineering and conventional manufacture, i.e. in a classical milling, drilling, countersinking and reaming of holes, cutting and milling of threads. Machines equipped with a rotary table and a lathe spindle unit also enable turning operations, such as outer and inner surfaces turning, face turning, outer and inner thread turning, etc. Due to the high dynamics, very high rigidity and damping properties of the structure, the machine enables the use of the advantages of HSC technology.


The machine enclosure prevents from discharge of coolant, lubricants and machining fumes outside the workzone, thus minimizing its negative impacts on the environment. The machine design conforms to the requirements of the 2006/42/EC machinery directive, and fulfils all requirements of safety standards for the CE marking. The lubrication of movable and rotary parts of the machine (the linear axes, electrospindle) is ensured by the application of an automatic grease lubrication system which prevents from contamination of the coolant and machine parts.

  • High accuracy at machining
  • Easy loading of big workpieces
  • Favourable ratio machine area/ workpiece size
  • Machining in 3 – 5 axes
  • Utilization of HSC technology