FTU / FTV / FTH - milling machines are designed for versatile use in non rotary chip-machining. They meet the highest requires and demands on current milling machines.

Conventional milling machines FTU / FTV / FTH

FTU / FTV / FTH – conventional milling machines are designed for versatile use in non rotary chip-machining. They meet the highest requires and demands on current milling machines. They excel with solid, stability, vibration resistance and above-all with their precision. They are suitable for high-performance milling and drilling operations.

Conventional milling machines TYNTECH FTU resp. FTV have been designed for general-purpose applications for non-rotating cutting in machinery. Where they excel in in performance, power milling and drilling operations, where excel their accuracy, sturdiness, stability, and resistance against vibrations. In his category are among the most modern and best quality machines with high value, for example duplicate control feeds standard hand wheels and using two directional joysticks XY, Z, saving ball screw in all axes, feed drive inverter with variable speed selection, application resistant metal telescopic covers in all axes, installation of automatic hydraulic tool clamping and many others. Their utility value also increases the extensive program options, among others – several execution of outside covers, from basic open to the closed cabin, then some versions of speed and power spindle, it all together with three basic sizes of machines 1000, 1250, 1500 form broad, balanced unit whose construction, processing, and use equipment are subordinated and ready to meet the highest goals for the most demanding users. Their typical characteristics are easy operation, reliability and very low service demands.

Standart machine features, services:

  • Milling machine FTU: Universal milling head, manually continuously adjustable in two planes +-180°
  • Milling machine FTV: vertical milling head, fixed
  • Spindle ISO 50, DIN 2080, 7,5 kW, 800 Nm, 40-1750 RPM
  • Function of safety spindle stop
  • Mechanical gearbox, manual gearing, 12 gear steps
  • Gearwheels SUDA JAPAN of CrMo steel, heat-treated, ground
  • Hardened surfaces of sliding guide ways X, Y, Z
  • Countersurfaces coated with sliding material for elimination of slip effect
  • Bed-type execution, vertically extendable ram with milling head, constant gravity load
  • Sturdy, stable, balanced all-cast-iron design, resistant against load and vibrations
  • Kinematics X, Y provided with metal telescopic covers
  • Automated lubrication system of sliding guide ways, ball-point screws
  • Accurate ball-point screws in axes X, Y, Z
  • Electromagnetic brakes in axes X, Y, Z
  • Drive of feeds X, Y, Z with independent drives with adjustable continuous speed control
  • Double control of feeds, manual as well as electronic with the help of two joysticks „X,Y“ and „Z“
  • Function „micro feed“ for approaching and adjusting in all axes
  • Operation and functions of the machine controlled by a compact PLC unit
  • Lower suspension of control panel with two joints for ergonomic customization operator
  • External flexible cords on the machine solved through flexible cable carriers
  • Safety functions of the machine are controlled by the safety module PILZ
  • External tool liquid cooling system
  • External collecting tank for fluid
  • Simple CE chip guard with electrical safety interlock fulfilling CE norms
  • Hydraulic tool release (pneumatic for FTV) with push-button control and a foot pedal
  • Electrical cabinet with forced ventilation with the prescribe coverage
  • Electric option based branded components YASKAWA, EATON, SCHNEIDER, BALLUF etc.
  • Halogen lighting of the working room
  • Electro version 3 x 230 V/400 V, 50 Hz
  • Mains filter 3×400 V for compliance with EMC compatibility to CE standards
  • Color RAL 5015 fixed part/ color RAL 7035 moving parts
  • Set for fixing machine (installation screw, set screw, washers, anchoring material)
  • Set of tools for operation and maintenance
  • 10 pc clamping pins for tool holders ISO 50 DIN2080
  • Operation and service manual, general catalogue ND, electrical wiring, initial review of electro
  • Accuracy inspection protocol, CE conformity