SUA 100 Numeric

Universal centre lathe SUA 100 NUMERIC is numerically controlled machine intended for roughing and finishing works on shaft and flange components, further for thread cutting, boring, turning of cones and various shape rotation surfaces.

SUA 100 NUMERIC – Universal center lathe

The universal centre lathe SUA 100 Numeric is a numerically controlled machine designed for roughing and finishing of shafts and flanges, threading, boring, turning of tapers and various cylindrical parts. The output of the main drive 37 kW  allows heavy duty turning of items weighting up to 6000 kg without steady rest and up to 8000 kg with steady rest. In standard version the machines are delivered with distances between centres of 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 mm and on customer‘s request up to 20 000 mm.

The machine has a rigid horizontal bed design with hardened and ground guide ways. The counter surfaces of the saddle are provided with slideway coating Turcite B to prevent the stick-slip effect at small feeds.

Control system:

The SUA 100 Numeric with cycle control can be equipped with control system of your choice from company FAGOR, HEIDENHEIN and SIEMENS.

The big advantage of the lathe is the automatic hydraulic shifting of three speed ranges. In all three ranges the spindle revolutions are infinitely variable. The main drive is a spindle motor.

The drives of longitudinal and cross feed – axes X and Z – are done by servodrives mounted directly on the ballscrews. The measuring of both axes is provided by rotary sensors placed on servodrives. On the longer lathes over 5000 mm the drive is through the apron which contains two pre-loaded pinions with backlash elimination, which drive a rack. The drive of cross feed – axis X – is again by servodrive directly on the cross ballscrew. The measuring of both axes  is provided by rotary sensors placed on servodrives. On machines with longer distance between centres is the axis Z measured directly by of linear rule.

The lubrication of the gears in the headstock, hydraulic operation of the spindle brake spring and speed shifters is provided by single lubrication and hydraulic unit placed on the rear side of the bed. A moveable control unit incorporating two electronic hand wheels for manual positioning of the x and z axis is places in front of the guard. The machine can be equipped with either hand operated toolpost or with multi position CNC controlled turret head of various manufactures. The machine can be equipped with chip conveyor as well as other extra accessories according to your requirement. The electrical equipment and control system are in the switchboard placed near to operator.

Machine safety:

The machine is covered by a compact rear wall and with a moving front door.

Safety of the operator is guaranteed by protecting guards. The opening guards are provided with interlocked switches. The machine conforms the security instructions and requirements for CE mark.

Does this model not meet your needs? We also have smaller or bigger option. More information to be found in our catalogue. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product parameters and design without prior notice.